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Oct 10, 2010
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burbs of los angeles
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birthday pics for one year old I took last month- please don't mind the lack of DOF i'm shooting with my crappy nikon coolpix 5700 which is now retired. (the subject happens to be my daughter) :lmao:

would love some c&c on my composition

#1 - i know there's some cut off but didn't know how to make the balloons fill the image without cutting off.


#3 - I know this is cropped a little tight but I loved her fingers


look like they were taken with a point and shoot, but thats what you had, alot of shadowing and cut off body parts (not always bad just doesnt work in any of these pictures). read about the rule of thirds its ok to pull back and you can always crop tighter in pp. were these ment to be 1 year pics or pictures at the party?
These were just one year pics. I actually hired a photographer for the party since I'm still a noob and have tons of learning to do.

This is what I shot it on. I didn't do any post editing either.
5mp! haha
You hired a photographer for the party! lol wish i could get gigs like that lol.

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