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Oct 16, 2012
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Does anyone know of a software based program that can handle archiving a catalog of over 600k photos?

Looking for something that I can use to add meta tag data and similar information. Also some sort of upload process for multiple users.

Basically I need a system to handle my company's 60+ years of photo archives. Also needs to be able to handle non technical people uploading and tagging multiple photo from their laptops.
^^^ yeah, that's not really appropriate for 600k images.


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Razuna has several features for handling photography, including in-built RAW and EXIF support. There is a GUI called Razuna Desktop for easy, straightforward uploading/downloading. If you're handy, you can implement whatever features you'd need as it is open source. It is also not limited to photography, so if, say, you have a group of others who need to share documents they can as well using the same service. They also have servers which you can buy space on if you don't have the facilities to set up your own. I really think that given your scale, something like Razuna is your best bet.
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