Only slightly air sick.

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    Hubby took me for a flight today. I hate small planes. They make me nervous. To convince me he said I could take my camera. How could I refuse?

    1. The first look at my 1/180 100ISO f/5.6 The grain is not on original but a side effect of Flickr. But I may add grain to the original before printing becaue I kind of like it.

    2. The first photo airborn. Yeahhhh I did it without throwing up. The blurriness is totally from the quivering nerves. 1/180 f/8 ISO100.

    CC welcome. Questions I have..... I was shooting through the windows and as a result the colours were off/muted due to glare. Would a polarizing lens fix this? Hubby gave me the option of opening the window to take a few shots but HOLY **** that concept scared me WAY to much.


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