Hertz van Rental

We're supposed to post photos?
Nov 8, 2004
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Where am I now?
Just seen that I'm the only Mod on the Board.
I'm getting a power rush.

Shall I start accepting bribes in return for favours?
Or should I do some wrathful smiting?

Decisions, decisions....
ok my comfort zone is being breached here..... april you know he can change names and stuff right?!..... next thing you know your called Marchpigeon...:lol: please dont use that idea hertz..... please. :(

not me, silly mod...i'm thinking of a few others, but hey, there aint that many on here anyway... we are all alone, and no one to get into trouble with...?

can i p1ss off someone and you ban them??? please please???

how about the name december crow..?
Ya should have been here all morning when there we no mods at all .:lol:
We can spam, and then taunt others with "We've upped our postcount, now up yours".
Oh I came out of the cave long enough...but nobody has seen the damage yet. Could it be a few lightsiders are missing.
...mmmmm....whats for lunch.
OOhhh .. I wanna play too! Start it up, Raven ... let's kick this Friday in the can ...

Hey Hertz ... how much will you let us get away with?!?!?!?!
duncanp said:
open the subscriber lounge up :D

it isn't all it's cracked up to be ... but I'm sure Chase, Hobbes and Alison would appreciate your $25 usd ...

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