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Jul 21, 2013
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Seattle, USA
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Hi all, wanted some opinions on this shot, mostly on cropping, but all comments welcome and appreciated. I really liked this picture when I first took it, and I still do, but the more I look at it, the more maybe-flaws I see in it. I'm torn on trying to crop the top a bit. I think it would have looked a little better at a wider angle, with the far edge of the lake slightly higher in the frame. Since it's not, and I can't get back to retake it, I'd love the here what you guys thinks of it. 24mm, ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/1000th. Slightly post processed in Lightroom, slightly more saturation and slightly less highlight, I wanted to bring out a little more detail in the sky, it looked a little bit blown out. If I had to/could take it again, it would be ISO 100, f/9, appropriate shutter speed. I'm not really sure why I took it so wide open. I was on a hike and probably just not paying as close attention as I should, as usual. Thanks to any and all.

Did you crop it any? I may be completely wrong here but there's something about the cut off tops of the trees that bothers me.
I noticed the same thing. I feel like a lower vantage point that caught the top of the trees yet still gave you the same view of the water and the reflections
A frame like this could be worked, hard, in several different software applications, which is sort of the new landscaper style of working. There are a number of very specific dodges and burn-ins and clarity and structure "tweaks" that could be brought to bear on this image.
I agree. It's not cropped, this was as wide as I could get. I was trying to do what I could, given where it was. I was standing right on the edge of the water, and directly behind me was a patch of shrubbery that would have been in the frame if I had backed up behind it. I didn't want to put the far edge of the lake right in the middle of the frame, something about bisecting the frame like that, especially with landscapes, really bugs me. I felt that the reflections in the water were more important so I sort of split the difference. But I think you guys are correct all the same, having the tops of the trees in the frame would help a lot. Thanks for the input.

I'm not a huge fan of heavy editing, but I'm curious what "tweaks" you're talking about. Could you elaborate?
Looking at it some more, If getting the whole tree couldn't be done, I was scrolling my computer screen and maybe if you cropped it just above that lone branch thats bending to the right might help. I think it was the fact now that looks like just the very tops of the trees were cut off. See for your self just scroll your computer screen till just above that bent branch is showing ( simulated crop I like to call it) LOL
What bothers me is the reflection has all the trees perfect and the real thing is cut off. Maybe try crop the reflection to match the chopped off trees, would make the image panoramic, but it may work.
HAHA... I mean I would practically be laying on the ground to take this photo.

I would have matched the horizon line to the center of the frame. I would be close to the ground but angled up enough to get the top trees in view. This would have created a better "mirror" reflection on the water. Half sky half water.

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