Orlando Skyline Sunset


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Jul 10, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

I was able to buy a few new items to add to my photography gear this holiday season (Tokina 11-16mm and 10-stop ND filter). I decided to take them out for a test run last night. I don't think it was necessary to use the 10-stop on the sunset scene as the light was already low enough to get slow shutter speeds for the water and there wasn't much texture in the cloud regardless, but for test purposes decided to use it anyway. The light was changing really fast so it was a bit hard to get the right exposure for the scene.

The first two shots are the same just different crop. My intention when lining up the shot was to get the whole tree reflection in the composition, but during post I wasn't a big fan of the negative space in the bottom left. I didn't really want to crop it to panorama aspect ratio though. Which do you guys better?

Click for larger viewing.
C&C welcome and thanks for viewing!


Nikon D5100
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
11mm focal length
ISO 100

f/11 ~800s

same as above

f/11 30s
I agree with your crop on the first photo. The crop off of the bottom of the picture is really nice. I like the photo a lot.
I like the 2nd one a lot as well.
Very nice shots!
Nice shots well executed. Personally I like the 2nd one cropped like a pano a wee bit more.
The second one is the better of the first two. In the first one, I wouldn't have worried about the tree. It is distracting and is not really the subject of your image. I also like the third one - night time with the reflections.

I love the 3rd one.Clouds reflected in the water.Awsome!
I like the pano best of these but all are nicely done. I do like the tree reflection in #1 but you're right about the negative space on the left. What about a square or portraitish version of the tree with the reflection and just that first set of buildings to the left, cutting off at the next tall building.
Thanks guys. Well it seems like a general consensus for the pano crop on the first set of pictures.

In the first one, I wouldn't have worried about the tree. It is distracting and is not really the subject of your image.
I agree that the reflection of the tree is not the subject, but the tree itself is part of the subject, just happens to be in the foreground. I do agree however that it can be distracting seeing the building directly behind the tree, but I was unable to find a composition that eliminated the overlap of the tree and large building.

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