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Jun 23, 2011
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My wife and I were visiting our friends from our college days who had a baby only a few weeks after us. Pulled the camera out and snapped a few photos..

Here are a couple of my favs'
Give me some insight on how they look please...

My son is very photogenic..

Her daughter was also very cute and smiled a lot for me..

They look great! The colors pop on your son's outfit and the little girl has very pretty eyes, which were captured well. Nice one!
The first is adorable. The second is cute as well but I don't think the dead space on the right adds anything to the photo. I think it would be stronger in portrait orientation maybe. I also see quite a green cast on her face in that one. Cutekids!!
Thanks for the comments folks! Used my d600 and nikon 24-70. I plan to sell or trade my nikon 14-24 so I can get the 70-200 so I dont always have be up in peoples faces lol..

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The boy looks great. You have captured a very good moment. The things that distract me are too much white space on the background and the tilted horizon. No 2 is fine as well but I would like to see the mother in focus as well.
The second photo is just begging to be cropped into a square-format image! As to how these look, I think the greens in both are overly-saturated, and in the second shot of mother and daughter, the skin tones have a bit too much green and yellow in them. Not by a lot, but it's there. Adding a tiny bit of magenta would make the skin tones look prettier in the second shot. In the mom/daughter shot, the child's bottom eye is in shadow, and the more you look at that, the more apparent that becomes; I would suggest "dodging" that eye and socket area little bit, to lighten that up a bit.
Sashbar thanks for the critique. The awkward thing was the stump was cut in a downward slant that sort of went back up on the other side. And then he was leaning foward and I just couldnt (in level of experience) find a happy medium. The other side of the tree stump had cars and people so I stayed this way.

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Derrel, I will deff re edit the second one and removed the few dashes of saturation I put into it as well as cropping it. Thsnk you for the advice ! I appreciate the time you memebers take critiquing my photos

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