Panoramic photos and their Ratio


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Dec 27, 2015
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Happy New Year all

I enjoy taking Panoramic photos and have found that fewer shots (3 usually) makes for a smaller ratio
rather than lots, which can be too long and narrow for my liking.

I note that the subject matters here, but in general I am inclined to go for a 1:2.5 or 1:3.

How do I take pics to get the ratios I want please? Maths is not my forte so keep it simple please.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever considered this; I simply compose to suit the subject. That said, if ratio were important to me (and in reality, it should be) I would simply work in multiples of the sensor size. An FF sensor is (for simplicity's sake) 24x36mm. Shooting in portrait aspect that means I would need to shoot about two frames for approximately 1:1 (24mm wide, less 8mm for a 1/3 overlap = 16 mm each frame, horizontally). So, following that logic, I would shoot an image 6 frames wide to get a roughly 1:3 image.
I always over-shoot the scene then crop the final stitch to what I like. Easy, and no brainpower involved.
Thank you everyone, I was wondering if I was making a mountain out of a molehill. I think I will just do it by
judgement from now on.
Like others I take the number of shots needed to get the subject covered. Three or four is the absolute fewest as I like at least a 25% overlap. My house with the new garage and some yard took four but the back yard to include pastures on both sides and the barn in the middle took eight. If vertical and horizontal are called for those could have been eight and sixteen...........
Thanks. Happy New Year to all


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