Pensive Beauties

There is an unnatural feel to the composition, which arises from the snow white hair.
I dunno... the railing at first was like "err... what the heck is that?"

Then the railing is cutting the woman's face off pretty majorly.

The scene doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and the composition given the elements seems to take away from the image.

Thank you taking the time and commenting. I can't help on the model's hair color. It was very platnum blond. I hosted a workshop with 10 participants. Everyone took their turn to direct the models, while the rest of us did shoot behind the scenes as well.

I actually specifically composed this shot as is, while another photographer was directing the models. I like the curves and the lines created by the white banester. It gave a very graphic voyeuristic feel to it. You want to see more, but you can't. You should'nt be there, you are a voyeur...

If it gives anyone an uneasy or un-natural feel to it, this is exactly a voyeur feels like sneaking in to watch over people.

I am not here to justify my compostistions. I love hearing your comments. Keep them comming.


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It feels a little out of plumb to me. The lower model doesn't add anything good to the image.

I might have put the second model behind the back balusters.
Shot the same day with the same girls...





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