Pentax K200D or Olympus e520 users?

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    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a DSLR and would appreciate any insight about Pentax and Olympus cameras (especially if you have used a Canon, which is what I'm used to). I have used and like the Canon Rebel SX, but am having trouble stacking all of the features up to these brands... I know there is a quite a lot of individual preference/comfort involved in choosing a camera, but if anyone's interests/preferences overlap with mine, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    I am not by any means an experienced photographer, but I have done plenty of informal portrait photography and have also shot at weddings, both outdoors and indoors, with the Canon Rebel SX. I prefer to look through a viewfinder (so I'm not too concerned about a live-view LCD screen-- should I be?), and definitely want built-in image stabilization for low lighting. I guess I am also looking for a camera that can give me good pictures when I am feeling lazy or hand it off to someone else, but has enough feature manipulation that I can get great photographs when I am more ambitious.

    I'd really appreciate any insight if you've used either of these cameras, and how you think they may stack up to the earlier Canon DSLR's.


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