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Aug 5, 2010
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I'm photographing a pheasant shoot, was just wondering if anyone had done this before and if they had any advice/tips? Also best practise in wet weather, what have people found works best on such conditions?!
Pheasants that are pointed by a hunting dog tend to rise straight up in the air, about 12-15 feet above the ground, and then fly off. Most good pheasant hunters will shoot as the roosters rise up, and before they begin to fly away. If you position yourself about 10 yards, ie 30 feet, behind the hunters and use a medium telephoto focal length and a fast shutter speed, you MIGHT be able to get a good shot as the hunter hits a pheasant right at the top of his flush rise. You need a somewhat fast shutter speed, like 1/800 second or so, to capture the action and to ensure that you can make a snap shot, with the shutter being VERY rapid, and preventing blurring on your part.

Be aware that when a pair or trio of ringnecks flushes, they make a VERY unnerving noise,and MANY novices are completely startled and left frozen in happens, quite often!!! I hunted pheasants for many years, and have seen some pretty good shots done in the American grainbelt, where pheasant hunting is a way of life. My great-great grandfather's farm was in fact one of the very first seeding places for imported Chinese ringnecked pheasants in the far western United States, back in the early 1880's.

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