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Oct 23, 2010
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Queensland, Australia
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Nice pheasant I shot while holidaying in New Zealand. C&C welcome. I got a few more otherwise acceptable shots of him but I kept missing the tip of that damn tail!

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Looks pretty good to me mate, I'd probably try and crop out the building on the right bit I do like the dof and good seperation from the background
I ageree with weepete--just crop off the building or whatever that is on the right, and you're totally "good to go". Nice bird. It looks like a museum display.
This is what my vision for your photograph would have been. Although I would have added more to the top and removed more from the bottom , I didn't wish to remove your copyright/watermark.


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Thank you all for the replies.

Thank you Weepete and Derrel for your advice. I agree with both of you. I guess I shy away from tighter cropping but you are right, it would help the photo.

Thanks H.D. for the edit. No need to worry about the watermark, I'm not :) I'll do an edit to the raw tonight a bit higher up.
I really like the photo as is uncropped, but I do enjoy a bit of background drama. Colours on the bird are great.

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