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Nov 28, 2011
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I went for a wander downtown Hanover Ontario (small town of about 7000) while Hubby was doing boring stuff in the bank and I found this gem tucked between two buildings. I kinda love that the Chinese food restaurant is directly across the street and reflected in the glass in this composition and that my reflection all but disappears ;)

My C&C on it is I think I want more sky above/a more extreme angle, I was crouched down and as low as I could get without laying down on the sidewalk, I did fire a couple "blind" shots way down low but they didn't work like I wanted them to, I will go back for a different composition when my 60D gets out of the repair shop (should be in a couple weeks! woot!) and can use the flip out screen :)

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

IMG_7618bw-1 by Judi, on Flickr
Thanks John :)
It works for me. Reflection is neat.

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I see photorealism has gathered a little grime over the years. ;)

Cool, I like it.
Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!
IMG_7618bw-1 by Judi, on Flickr

I think the little slice of sky doesn't help at all, and might even be called a distraction. If that piece of sky weren't there, you could almost vignette that end of the image and call it good. '

Frankly, it seems strange to see what appears to be a working telephone in there.

Of course the directory is gone, naturally.

I like the two different wall materials on either side.

If one had the time to keep on playing with this scene, I'd try some things like flashing it just to see what would happen.
I laid down on the sidewalk for my last phone booth shot.
And used 2 speedlights to light it.
Thanks Tim :)

Designer, I tend to agree with you, Im really on the fence about the bit of sky but found when I cropped it close it felt too..... crowded? I dunno, that's partly why I want more sky/lower angle, I will definitely play with it next time I'm in town ;)

Keith, I almost did it, I thought about it, but I JUST bought the jeans I was wearing and couldn't bring myself to get them dirty yet lol So how did it turn out? Curious what the lights added......
Very nice Judi. I I agree with Designer. I think the sky is a distraction from the otherwise darker tones.
I had a speedlight/umbrella on a light stand camera left and you can see the speedlight I placed at the lower right corner of the phone booth aimed up in the gap of the phone booth door to light the interior of the phone booth.

This phone booth was right outside my studio.

Three weeks after making the photo the phone was removed.
Two months later the booth was then unbolted from it's concrete slab and taken away.

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I agree with others about the sky and I might even cut off the "Bell" sign. That makes it seem more mysterious to me somehow, even though it's still clear what it is. Losing both the sky and the sign really focuses attention on the interior, imo.
Oh I like that a lot Keith! Glad you shot it before they took it out, I've had that happen with a couple old houses I've shot in the area and a couple that I was "going to shoot someday".

Thanks Ken, great food for thought, I'll carry that forward for when I go back :)
Cool! :)

My T3i has the flip out screen, and it is really handy!

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