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Oct 29, 2007
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Cape Coral, FL
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Sorry if in the wrong section but the question is:

I just got the wedding pictures and I want to get a good album for it but I don't want to spend a load of money either.

Have you heard of "pin style albums"? are this good enough?

I am also on the hunt for albums. I recently had a friend show me her daughters senoir pictures. After I got over the fact that she didn't ask me to take the pictures I was very impressed with the album. It was a black album with a comb binding (like a plastic spiral) what I really liked about it though was that the pages were black plastic. The images were printed on the plastic, they weren't stuck on and there weren't any sleeves to slide in the pictures. So if you find this please let me know and by the way I was not at all distracted by the comb binding I thought it was cool.

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