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Jan 2, 2008
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Worcester, PA
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This was posted in the gallery section, but I'd like to see more edits of this photo. Took this pic on a whim at the golf course I work at part time. I walked in the shop and wished I had my camera with me then realized it was in my truck, so ran and grabbed it to take a couple of shots of this scene. First pic is the original followed by my second edit. I think I went too far with my third edit, though, but it is close to what I am trying to accomplish.

Interested to see how you guys would edit this. You can do it your way, or how you think I'm trying to do it, or both and let us know which of the three you are going for.



what are you trying to accomplish here?
You were trying to make it look extremely underexposed?
Not sure what you are trying to accomplish but this what looks good to me.

I wanted to go for the desaturated look, but with a little bit of red showing. Wanted eyes drawn to dog, mower, Bill, then the flag. Wanted to bring out the texture in the concrete and wood floor. There are a lot of objects in the picture which I felt made it cluttered and took away from the scene, so I tried to isolate the dog, mower, bill, and the flag from everything else, hence the desaturation. The yellow and red tool bins in the background for example were really clashing in the original pic, and there are a lot of horizontal and vertical lines that increase the clutter which I wanted to address in the edit.

I feel like I'm not seeing what you guys or seeing or vice-versa cuz of the replies I've gotten regarding these pics.

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