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Oct 23, 2007
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Windsor, Ont
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hello everyone, I was playing around with some lighting and a center piece on the floor. Any C & C welcome . I'm trying to learn lighting which doesn't seem easy. Thanks in advance

Thanks that one guy. Does the photo look too dark or light. Does the peice look too centered. Thanks again
Playing with light is a very good thing. Keep trying new stuff to see what you like. Try adding another light to other side and see how it comes out. If you shot in raw use photoshop to fiddle with the fill and black clipps.:thumbup:
Something else you may want to try is to diffuse the main light to make it softer and get a second light (snooted or bounced) to brighten the contents of the vase. The top seems a little dark to me.
Thanks for the input i will try those ideas out and post again.

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