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Photo shoot at the gym


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Nov 28, 2008
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We're doing a photo shoot of my fitness trainer tomorrow as we're building his website.

It'll be at the gym; there are windows on all sides and most light is natural, however the ceiling is rather low.

I was wondering what are the DOs and DONT's when it comes to photographing muscles, etc.

Equipement wise, I have a D200 with a SB-600, two lenses (Nikkor 18-70mm and Sigma 18-200mm) and a tripod.
Make sure it isn't too shiny.
With that much natural light you shouldnt have any real big issues regarding your shoot. Alex made a comment on not to shiny which eh whatever. I would take some powder with you and a brush so you can fix any spots that may get over exposed from shine however.
Yeah, you don't want them to look greasy, other then that, you should be fine. Use a medium aperture to give enough DOF that it isn't too busy, but still gives location.

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