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Nov 26, 2015
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Hey everyone,

I wanted to try a new hobby - So I bought a Nikon DSLR 3200 with a load of extras (attached pic)

I have no idea where to start - any and all advice would be appreciated.

Can anyone recommend any online courses / or tutorials?

Only unpacked it last night, and not had chance to use it yet.

Thanks in advance.


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Good advice so far - read your manual and learn the camera is the first thing. Then "TAKE PICTURES!" Lots and lots of pictures. Many of which you will hate and throw away (delete).
Then depending on your favored way to learn you can start with books from the library and youtube videos and free courses that are on the internet. has some good stuff as does Nikonians and of course

Photography is an art and a skill and some folks focus on one aspect while others try to do everything. You'll have time to decide where you want to focus.
Having a thick skin is often good also - Photos are a very personal thing and everybody has their opinion, often that will be not what you want to hear.
First you bought a very good camera for beginers and mid level users.
To learn the basics you need first to know the basic trio
Shutter speed
This will teach you what each does and how to use your cmera outside the AUTO mode
Go to YouTube and look for photography basic lessons.
Then learn basic composition rules like Rule Of Thirds
This is all available on youtube, grat source for anyone that wants to know anything including photography.
Nikon | Imaging Products | DSLR Camera Basics

this would be a big help for learning how to use your new camera, there is always auto mode so its will be kind of like a big point and shoot, i would use that till you learn how to use all the other settings.
Thanks for the replies everyone.

Looking forward to going for a wander into the country side tomorrow and see what happens!
Greenbox mode and shutter button until then. Start taking photos and identifying what about them you want to make better. Have fun with it. That's what a hobby's about after all.

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