photographers market

The photographer's Market is a book (well really like a phone book) of all the industry connections such as magazine/newspaper editors, agents, stock agencies...basically anyone and everyone who buys or sells photography. Most industries have a version.

Say you want to show your pictures to your favorite travel magazine for consideration. You look in this book to find out who to contact and what format to send etc.

I'm going to pick one up today. $17 for all the networking you can use.

from the link....

Inside you'll find more than 2,000 completely updated market listings with contact information for magazines, stock agencies, advertising firms, book publishers, greeting card and poster markets, newspapers, businesses, galleries and more, including 450 all-new listings
I just got that book and I must say I have learned tons on how to sell photos and how the market works. If you are thinking about selling your stuff then you should pick this book up!!! :thumbsup:

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