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Feb 5, 2010
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Hi everyone its been a very long time since i posted here but its where i always come for advice :D
Ive been ask to photography some models in a nature scene with use of some fruits and flowers.
I have 4 models each with there own prop.
The props are : coconuts, papaya, seaweed and frangipanis.

The shoot is for a spa but they are looking to display the model with the ingredients opposed to showing the finished product.

So far I've lined up a few waterfalls and beaches for the coconuts and frangipani shoots.

Just wondering if anyone had some ideas i could consider?

One idea at the moment is to shoot at a waterfall where frangipani pedals are raining above her and are also surrounding her in the water.
Another was to have a girl at a papaya farm where the papaya would be all around her and hopefully she is about the same height as these trees.

The area is very tropical just incase anyone was wondering.
A girl walking beside the sea, whose foot are be submerged into seawater and vision on seaweed and seaweed would be all around her.
Forced perspective. Consider both the model in focus, and slightly out of focus (shoot everything with varying DoF from crisp front to back to quite soft)

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