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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by needhelpeeps, Jul 15, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    I am wanting to get a good value for the dollar, and many dollars I do not have. I currently have a P&S but it's messed up & barely works anymore.
    I also have a canon rebel X film camera (35mm). I mostly take pics of wildlife that are not moving and vary from a foot away to maybe 15 feet away so up fairly close but I want to fill the entire frame with small animals like frogs.

    The P&S gets good photos every once in a while but the AF tends to be impossible to get to work right and it has some other issues that have come up and the lens only opens about half the time now which can cause me to miss good photo ops. The rebel 35mm captures great color but the lens is only 80mm and at 10 feet away a small animal won't fill anywhere near the frame. Even having the photos put on a cd and cropping can't make them big enough to really see them very well (about 500 pixels wide when I cut out the BS).

    My question is would I be better off buying one of the suped up new P&s like the canon s10 is or would I be better off just getting a telephoto lens for the rebel x for what I want to do? Which would likely produce better photos?

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    I'd get a lens.
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    Is there a particular reason you want to go to digital?

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