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Dec 3, 2007
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south, new jersey
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*clears thorat* well i was pretty stoked because i figured out how to manually adjust my shutter spped. thus making some pretty sweet photos. anywho, i wanted to do an attempt at traffic light trails. the only problems were, that it was around 2:30 a.m., wet cuz it was raining, and the highway was about 10 minutes away. well i was like ahhh ill go another time, ill just practice out front. well i got carried away and i found myself at the bridge taking pictures of light trails. oh, my pregnant wandering head. so i was walking around with this bulky ass tripod lookin like a mad woman. im sure i looked like a looney and apparently, the cop agreed. well i was taking pictures of this church on the same bridge and he pulls over and im like ohhhhhhh haiiii im just taking pitcures...for what?...ughhh for fun?....oh okay whats your name?....lorielle i live right down the block....ohhhh i mean just seems a lil odd thats all....yeahhhhhhhhh......well i just wanted to make sure you're okay....yeah im fine thanks. cops always make me sweat even when im not doing anything wrong. well i guess i was, b/c im under 18....
so anway i dont regret because i think i got some really sweet shots. streetlights are really beautiful. well, i this is what i got two soaking slippers and one conversation with a cop later:





(i got my light trails =D!!!!) pretty bad but i really had a horrible angle, the whole thing was fenced off.

(thats when the popzao came up. the sign said "the perfect church for people who aren't" i thought it was need but i didnt have time to mess with my shutter speed because i sort of wandered out of the house at 3 in the morning with a steakknife and a camera it came out pretty bright but i think it has a neat effect.)
i really tried to focus on what you guys said about not making them "snapshotty". i sat back took a deep breathe and thought about it. do i seem to be getting a better eye? you dont have to answer that. :er:. ;)oh yeah and sorry if i should have posted these in the thread that i already started, im new to this forum so im not really sure. but if thats the case you can move them if you want.

p.s. dont be afraid to tell me what you like and what you don't, like i said im trying to get better
p.p.s. as for looking like a creep? success.
p.p.p.s. photography is not odd, dick.

and here's one of me, just for fun:
Well, next step in your "I learn to control my camera"-approach, after having found out how to manually change your exposure times, should now be to learn how to manually change your aperture! For lights at night become nicer (less like big blobs of light) when the aperture is small (that means: the number is HIGH). They then begin to look like little stars. This_thread_of_mine might serve as an example though the lights are not street lights.

I like the one light-trail photo (and I like to think back to the day - approaching night - when also I went to "my first" bridge in the attempt to - finally! - get my own photos of light trails, and guess what? I failed miserably, mine looked cr**!) There must be a bumpy part in one of the lanes, eh? Whoopsy, that one car does a FUNNY trail :D.
i like the 3rd and 5th one....and the color of your hair...

3rd- just looks creepy
5th-well, i love these shots no matter what...
I like #1 and #3, pretty awesome glow.
I really like 1,2 and 3, they are good compositions and with a smaller aperture would have been much better as Corinna said. The world needs more nightstalkers, keep at it you can only get better.
thanks for everyones imput! good to see im getting better. ill take your advice la foto. and i see what you mean by big blobs of light. but yeah these were taken outside my own little house in new jersey. haha yes the world does need more night stalkers. when i was walking around at 3 in the morning, i felt like the only person on earth. then that cop had to ruin it. anyway please keep the comments coming i love hearing what you all have to say.
I get the point of #4 but whew. . .the color just distracts. I would suggest for something like that taking the shot first, and adding the effect in post-processing LATER.
i didnt add anything to that one, i just resized it

Ok I assumed you had the color off on purpose. Everything looks a shade away from jaundiced. If you were trying to go for that color, kudos. If not, I'd suggest watching your light settings.
I like the light trails picture!

keep working at it! thats what they tell me. :wink:
I've been wanting to get light trails too (ever since that other thread started this TPF trend), I think I will soon. Your pics are improving fast. You learned quicker than I did, which is impressive because a lot of people told me I was picking things up quick.

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