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Jan 8, 2008
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I am very new at photography...I haven't even purchased a camera yet. Can someone recommend a good photography magazine for beginners? I am looking for one that offers reviews on products and articles on advice and tips. I went to the bookstore only to find at least a dozen different magazines. Thanks for any help!
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I think my favorite magazine is Digital Photo Pro...but it may not be the best one for someone who is new to photography.

Most magazines also have web sites and you can find many reviews on-line. You can look up the specs for just about any digital camera at

I suggest going into a store and getting your hands on some cameras. See which ones feel good in your hands. Then you can research those specific cameras.
IMO, most of the magazines are useless. Mostly an avenue to push the latest and greatest as well as advertisements. Any "meat" of the topics they actually address can be best covered on various internet sites.

As Big Mike said... look towards the internet for information. Got a specific question, post here and someone will either answer or point to another site. i second

if you go canon specific, has good reviews.

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