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Aug 24, 2007
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Does anyone know what that show that was on OPB for a while was called, it was about some dude doing wildlife photography in Alaska. I only saw it once and thought it was cool. I thought it was on at 7:30 on saturday nights on OPB, but apparenltly I'm wrong.
I don't have a clue of what you're speaking of, however... I know of the Fashion Photography Show - The Shot. On VH1. :D
Travels to the Edge with Art Wolf? If so I get it here in High Def, and it is on PBS, not sure when.

Travels to the Edge with Art Wolf?
That's a good one...I get it on PBS on Saturday mornings (out of Spokane)...although I usually sleep in and miss it.

There used to be a show (Canadian, I think) that was called 'Nikon Wildlife Adventures'. They were mostly shot in British Columbia. It was nice to have a show about photography...even if it was a blatant Nikon commercial...but the host was a moron. He once tried to tell us that 'Rule of Thirds' was a feature on his Nikon camera.

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