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Feb 25, 2009
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hello everyone. i am an ametur photographer that is just starting out and could really put my camera to use for my families company who i work for. we are starting a website and i need to take high quality pictures of our products to put on our website. (i'm shooting with a cannon rebel xti) i dont have any other photography equipment other than a tripod.
the products are cabinet doors made out of mdf. the doors are painted with a white gloss. how can i get the best photo of these doors? what color and material of background should i use, positioning of any lighting, what kind of lighting, camera settings and anything else that would help me.
i have attached a quick photograph of a door that isn't painted just to give you an idea of what i'm photographing.
thanks so much.
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i'm sorry i didnt edit that out. i was going to attache but i couldn't find where to attach it.
painted door photo

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I've done quite a few jobs like this. I have always used softboxes though so I'm not sure what to tell you in the way of lighting.

I can tell you that your white balance is going to be very important, especially if your going to keep them white on white.

I would however suggest that you shoot them straight on as possible. Look at some of the shots on these sites to give you an idea:

Solid Wood Cabinet Doors


KraftMaid Cabinetry: By Wood Species

Good luck!

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