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    Hi Folks! Working on equipment up grades and have several questions I hope you can answer. I am involved with family photography as well and macro and landscapes. I am working with a new Canon 50D my first digital SLR. I have several Canon lenses including the 70-200 L, and the 100mm f/2.8 Macro. I also have the 430 EXII Speedlite. My tripod is an older Manfrotto 3221 with a 329 pan/tilt head. Both are in excellent condiditon. I just ordered a Wemberly Side Kick Macro Bracket and was assured I can use it with my tripod. I am also interested in knowing if there is anyway to make my tripod receptive to arca style clamps. I would prefer not to purchase a new head at this point. I am also interested in using a Kirk L Bracket at some point if it is or can be made compatible. Thanks for your response to these many questions.:meh:


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