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Dec 24, 2009
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I have been trying to figure out a way to remove the smudges and dirt from the bottom of pictures. Particularly where people have walked on the white background, and left footprints. I attached an example for a better idea. The simple solution would be to put down a clean piece of backdrop, but time constraints don't allow that. Instead, my boss and I have been editing hundreds of these pictures individually using the typical tools: spot healing brush tool, healing brush tool, clone stamp tool. We change the opacity, flow and hardness for each tool depending on the area we are trying to clean up. However, I feel that this is a very inefficient method, and would be so grateful to hear from anyone who may have a reasonable suggestion to speed up the process. Once these images are printed it is essential that the floor be completely clear, because otherwise it will show flaws and we will have to go back to editing and spend more on additional prints. Thank you!


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Pulling down 3-4' of fresh seamless paper is less efficient than all of that processing????? :boggled:
That's exactly my thought, but it's not my call. I'm only an assistant and although I suggested the same thing, it was turned down. These particular shoots can run up to 7 hours at a time with scheduled clients, and they don't like to fall behind even five minutes. That's why I'm just focusing on figuring out a more efficient way to edit these pictures.
That's going to tough to do with the lighting being a gradient and the image under exposure.
Before each photo is edited we create a copy of the background to work on and then a levels layer. This shows all the shadow areas and makes it easier to see the dirt. This is especially helpful for the lighter areas that need to be cleaned up. Essentially, this just creates more work since most of those spots weren't visible before. But if we skip that part, the printed images aren't acceptable for customers to purchase.
Not sure if this will help, but I've used this before when I wanted to maintain shadows and such:

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