1. Hollar94

    Editing Headshots Help

    Hello, I would say I am a few baby steps beyond beginner. I was offered to do our company headshots at my work and I accepted and it has been going really well. The pictures are coming out great and I am learning along the way. (I use a Canon EOS Rebel T7) I am struggling with quality after...
  2. A

    I just want to know where can i find this filter , overlay , pattern .

    Whatever It Is Called , i dont know where to find it , i searched the whole internet. No luck , any app , method or technique, that can produce similar results , without actually having to print pictures and make it like this
  3. RacePhoto

    Photoshop Circle Crop Question

    I hope that defines it enough to be specific from the world of Photoshop questions? :encouragement: I going nuts and searching and I'm probably just missing something obvious, but I'm trying to crop a circular object, and get a perfect circle, only of the object. (or make it a circle from an...
  4. T

    Is it possible to detect multiple cameras in one picture?

    Hey Guys 👋 I don't know whether this question belongs here or not. I am sorry if it doesn't but maybe you will still be able to answer my question. Without going too much into detail, someone recently claimed that a celebrity picture on Instagram was photoshop and that it was composed out of...
  5. S

    Worflow & Color Space | Camera > Ligthroom > Photoshop > Ligthroom > Web with Calibrated Monitor

    Hello, I have a problem regarding my workflow and understand the principle of Color space I have a monitor BENQ SW2700PT calibrated with Spyder Pro So I have have another Color Profile Named "BENQ SW2700PT Color Profile,D6500"; than the pre-configured ones (AdobeRGB, sRGB), Windows is using...
  6. A

    How to achieve so strong vintage/retro color effect, any presets or ideas?

    Interested about Your attitude to achieving at least some parts of this old photo effect?
  7. NGH

    Photoshop tutorials and training videos

    My wife bought be a year's subscription to Photoshop for Christmas and so just seeing if anyone has some recommendations for a good series of You Tube videos to get me into shape. I've been using LR (6) for a while and have used other photo/graphics systems before so I am not completely...
  8. ScouserClete

    Sky Cut Out Assistance

    So I have some photos that I've replaced the sky by using "Blend If" and taking out the blues or grays. Works great most of the time until the background turns to bokeh. I get fringing and its difficult to get it to blend well and look natural. I had it figured out at one point by waving a brush...
  9. S


    Hey to all, Solaiman sumon here a newcomer . Hopefully i will learn more with your help and we gather our knowledge .
  10. P

    For Sale: Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom5

    I got a brand new, unopened Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom5 for sale. It's a bonus from camera seller. I already had one. This is a redundant. Ask for $40. email me if you're interested in. lightroomsd2019 at gmail com
  11. D7K

    Winter Nights & City Lights

    Heavy fog and freezing temperatures obviously meant it was a great time for me to head out downtown. Here's one of the shots I came away with from the night; well worth it..
  12. D7K

    Removing flare effectively..

    I've used a few ways to try and reduce flare or remove it without trashing the stars or making it look obviously edited, has anyone got any tips in PS / LR that may be useful for removing flare? To be honest I don't "hate" it, but I know that some people do...
  13. Modifeye

    Extremely proud of my latest photo manipulation!

    This is my latest project titled "Artificial Beauty" ... I included a few images of the behind-the-scenes process - no stock images were used. Would love to hear your thoughts! If this sort of work interests you then I encourage you to follow me along on Instagram (@Modifeye), I post there...
  14. Modifeye

    This is what happens when you pin a location in Google

    Who woulda thought? :biggrin-new:
  15. puregreen

    How to increase contrast/brightness of product photos?

    [Warning: I'm a newbie!] Hi guys. I need to take a lot of product pictures for my blog. I'm using my Canon G5 X (compact) and continuous lighting of 3x 125 W 5500К bulbs in softboxes (which I thought and still believe is enough). However, the photos are still kinda dull so I want to make them...
  16. redbourn

    Felt overwhelmed by camera LR PS and lighting

    Haven't posted for a few months because I felt overwhelmed with trying to learn so many things at the same time. In the meantime I did some lighting tutorials, learned more about how to use my D3300 and also did PS and LR tutorials and tried to take on board all the tips that I got here...
  17. ElectroSpotlight

    Highway Post Editing

    A little post editing goes a long way, what do you think?
  18. C

    Compositing help with ice hockey picture - how to make it more believable?

    Hey everyone, I took some photos of my kids playing hockey on a green screen, and I am trying to create a composite picture with a digital background I purchased. I think it looks decent, but I am trying to find a way to make the hockey players look a little more like they belong in the scene...
  19. B

    Yah or Nah?

    I wanted to try something new from my Instagram: @BoavistaJacob
  20. G

    How do I remove the glare from the subject?

    Hi guys, I'm editing this image with Photoshop CS 6. I'm an amateur but I'm happy with what I've managed so far. I selected the subject, then inverted the selection, and used the gaussian blur filter to remove all the graininess. Now there's this glare around the subject I wish to remove, to...