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Jun 24, 2013
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Nashville, TN
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Hard for me to judge pictures of my daughter as I am very attached to them.
What do you think of this one?

7-12-13_ 2 by Toddn_us, on Flickr

Nikon D5200
Nikon 180mm F/2.8 ED-if AF
800 ISO
I think the thing you like most is that you captured a genuine smile. Very good! You also achieved good separation between your subject and the background, that is also desired.

Frame in portrait orientation, a little further down (you, not her), and some fill light.
I think just bump the exposure a little and frame it a little differently. Great photo of your daughter!

I hope you don't mind I had a VERY quick play and my edit is NOT necessarily 'better' I just felt like editing haha. kept the frame in Landscape mode but would look great in portrait also. :)
Warmed it up a tad too.

I bumped up the exposure and cropped it more vertically, but my post-processing work cannot compensate for the lack of an original pose that was conceived, framed, and then shot as a vertical pose. Her shoulders are a bit hunched forward, and she's pretty much square-shgouldered to the camera, both of which are a bit, well, dull. Her smile and emotion come through well however, so I cropped out the hunched shoulder-look, and just focused on showing that beautiful smile she has. I think the frame feels a bit too blocky, too squat; maybe I should have cropped off a bit more on the sides.

Your daughter has a very genuine and attractive smile.

I also think a crop is in order -- mine is very conservative. Your version of the photo has tone response and color problems. The white balance is off and very blue and the tone response is flat (lacking contrast). I corrected the color and raised the contrast.


Thanks everyone. Probably should have added a little info in my first post.

This photo was taken in my front yard. The kids were out playing (she is 11, I know she does not look it), and I was playing around with the new camera. I asked her to stop running for a second and kneel down so I could take a pic. Her mother said something that made her laugh and I got the smile.
Designer, you are correct. Capturing that smile has made the camera purchase worth every bit the price.

So it is a rather candid pic and not really posed or thought out. Thanks for the suggestions; next time I will try to get her to pose a little better and compose the shot a little better. I just hope I can get her to smile that naturally again.

Also, thanks for the edits. The photo I uploaded was not edited at all, just reduced the size when exporting from aperture.
The more she (and you) get used to the camera, the more she will relax and you can get more of those choice shots.

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