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    I'm new here and also new to photography. I just bought a nikon d300 and took some shots but I'm not happy with the photos.

    Resize images- Adobe Web Photo Gallery please click to see some photos

    Here is the link for full size images --- Adobe Web Photo Gallery

    I started with continuos light (3x1000wat) and the best I could get is F7.1, 40, iso 400 and the photo show up just ok. (the last picture in blue bg. )

    So, I took the whole thing out the door, and take a photo in the shade. 16,60,iso400outDoor.jpg, photo look ok, but it's not quite convenient for me to shoot outdoor.

    So, i bought a profoto compact r600 and the pictures so far doesn't look good.

    f22,60,200 profoto (2).jpg
    don't look as sharp as the f7.1 mentioned above. I thought I should get a sharper image at a smaller aperture.

    I tried at a smaller f stop and it seems that the image is sharper at F11, but still not as sharp compared to the one I took with continuos lightning at F7.1.

    Could some one please help me?

    By the way, I'm using the photos for

    Thank you very much,

    Eric V


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