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I like it, but the only thing I don't like is how the hair blends in too much with the floor/blanket or whatever that is.
Could you give a brief list of what you did in post to achieve this look? Specifically what you do to get that look on the models skin.
it depends the model.. and the makeup artist

the makeup artist on this set was great and had used a lot of heavy eye makeup and bold lips colors.. so no need to add that in post

for the most part the skin is a combination of masks..
generally i'll create a few layers.. blur 1 layer ALOT then create a negative mask.. and paint back in the blurred mask on the layer below.. with a semi opaque brush

once things are nice and smooth i'll select a color range of the lightest color on the skin and fill that in with a almost white color.. then blur that out quite a bit and duplicate the layer a few more times.. masking off areas that spill off of the subject..

its just a push and pull procedure til things start looking good

after that its a bit of liquify to get nice even lines / emphasis certain shapes..

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