Pixelation problem, not sure why. Need help.

Discussion in 'Specific Technical Assistance' started by chrisgillett, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Ok so yesterday I'm out shooting this field outside of town. I open up this pic and find this weird green pixelated garbled stuff in the photo that doesn't seem to be right. I opened it up in PS and took a couple screens to show you guys how it looked before and after the crop.


    After 100% crop:


    How did this happen? My only explanation is the sun was about 45 degrees from where I took this shot, so maybe some weird side-lighting? Was the grass too much for the camera to process? It's in both the JPEG and the RAW samples.

    Here is the EXIF info from the shot. Unfortunately I've deleted the raw pics from the camera already (I know I might be able to get them back from the card using some kind of program). What's weird about this problem is that it only seems to appear from this certain series of shots. I've got some others shot at the same time and location but they came out fine.

    Shutter speed/ f-number: 1/125s @ F10
    Exposure Mode: Manual
    Exposure Program: Manual
    ISO: 200
    Focal Length: 18mm
    Max Aperture Value: 3.5
    Lens: Nikon DX AF-S Nikor 18-55mm 3.5-5.6GII ED
    Flash: Did not fire
    Metering Mode: Spot
    Orientation: Normal
    Lightsource: Cloudy Weather
    EXIF Color Space: sRGB
    White balance: Manual
    Make: Nikon Corperation
    Model: Nikon D40

    Thank you for any help :wink:

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    That's odd.

    It looks like your camera processed the image wrongly. It's certainly not anything on your lens, or sensor.

    Did it happen on other field photos. Maybe your camera's having trouble processing tight together vertical lines????

    I really don't know though.

    The only time I've had sensor trouble it looked like this:


    It happened very intermittantly. Only happened about 5 times all up I think, then a month later my sensor died. It was only a cheapie $200 P&S camera though. It was 6 months past it's warranty, but I went back and demanded a refund because it was the second one of that camera we'd had that had this problem. They gave me a complete refund. :)

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