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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by 22gbloodangel, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    Just looking for some advice on a photography topic, not sure if I've got the right section of the forums:

    I recently paid about £150 for a Cannon Coolpix 5600 at Pixmania, order accepted, confirmation of order email arrived. Next thing I know it's 9 days later, and still no camera. What with Xmas approaching (Xmas pressie for me Mum) I thought it best to chase, and discovered that the order had stalled on validation for some reason. I checked my bank account, and yes, the payment had gone out on the 30th Nov as I expected.

    However.... upon contacting the 'no-helpdesk' It turns out that I now have to forward my Social Security Card (????), my driving license (why???) or a utility bill before they will send on the goods (again, why???). They didn't email me or phone me to let me know, and nobody would have mentioned anything had I not phoned them, and despite a 9 day waiting period where my card was not reported stolen, etc, are refusing to send on the goods until I send documentation. I asked for my money back but was told that could be over 5 working days before the cash comes back into my account, and considering Xmas coming in, I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to go and get another camera delivered in time for Chrimbo once I've waited for the funds to clear.

    I don't have a scanner or a photocopier, and despite my insistence that I couldn't get a copy to them electronically (do they hate mobility challenged peeps or something?) all they did was say I should 'go down the shops'. Huh? Oi luv, if I was going down the shops I'd have gotten my camera from there wouldn't I??????

    What I'm curious about are 4 things:

    1: Is what they've done illegal, or at the very least acting in contrary to the Office of Fair Trading guidelines?

    2: What can I do to get them to send my camera? It's legit, it's my card and I've acted very politely so far, but it's getting ridiculous now. They're even ignoring any of the mails I've sent in today.

    3: Has anybody else had any problems with this company?

    4: Why are the company performing security checks AFTER the money is debitted from my account? Is that legal? Or is it just plain Stoopid?

    Thanks for any help, obviously I'm a little concerned right now... :thumbdown:

    Cheers again,
    (aka Scrooge of Cardiff. Bah Humbug. Between my 360 and my Mum's camera, Xmas sux the big one this year!)

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    Avoid doing any business with Pixmania. Here are a few opinions:


    If I were you I'd cancel the order as soon as possible. If they refuse that then call the credit card company you used for this transaction and they will refund you the money. I hope you used a major credit card for this transaction.

    Do not give them the Social Security number, drivers' license or any other info pertaining to your financial or credit status.

    Good luck and keep us informed. And yes, welcome to TPF meanwhile. ;)
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    You first clue should have been "Canon Coolpix 5600".

    Canon doesn't make the Coolpix line of cameras....Nikon does.
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    Crikey, that's interesting...

    I bought my camera (Olympus C-750UZ) from Pixmania just after Christmas two years ago. I was actually overwhelmed by the service I received - they asked for a scan of my passport/driving license by email before payment was taken because I was a new customer; I sent that pretty much straight away and got an order confirmation email a couple of hours later, at about 8pm on a Thursday. Camera arrived, complete with all the necessary paraphernalia, by DHL from Paris (Pixmania are based in France I think) at 10.30am the next day. And (insured) shipping was only £6! :D

    Maybe just an isolated good experience, but I've been recommending them on that basis - maybe I should revise my opinions :confused:

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