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Aug 4, 2013
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Tehran, Iran
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Hi, My name is Alisina Bahadori

I started photographing for about 8 months and i got some shots that i want to know how are they?
I want to know my the fouls and problems if anyone can help me. :blushing:

Please give me your feedbacks, i will appreciate them.
you can see some of them in www.alisina.ir

thank you so much:heart:
Welcome to TPF! You have some nice work on your website; you will find however that you will get much more effective and thorough critique if you post one or two images in a thread in the appropriate gallery forum. In the meantime, I'll move this to a more appropriate section.
I like a lot of them. Some are a little too freaked out for me, maybe different PP.

You got a very good street eye. Build on it. The building cranes maybe needs a different treatment.
Photo of you is too burnt out for me.

I love HDR as well, but I try many different styles to see what fits the image. Here is some of my taste in hyper real HDR so you know where I'm at.

ArtSlant - Polar Bear

ArtSlant - Yankee Doodle Dandy

ArtSlant - Carla and Babydoll

...sorry can't put the rest or they censor em!

Also good to be able to work in classical BW


Learn all aspects of freezing time. Get some books or study up street photography on the web and get to work! You have potential to produce some very nice stuff if you polish it up some.

Good Luck!
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Welcome to the site.
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