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Apr 11, 2008
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I have been helping local animal shelters take better photos of their pets to increase adoptions. I was asked recently by a state organization to give a workshop, and during the workshop many of these shelters seemed to have camera problems. They have junky point and shoots that are not suited to their needs. They are taking pictures of fast moving objects (animals) and sometimes in low light. Often, the pictures are blurry, or the camera drags before it will take the picture. This seemed to be a constant throughout the room when they were using flash.

I will not lie to you, I do not use a point and shoot, and have not owned on in over five years. I have been searching the forums, some other review sites, etc, so that I can recommend a new camera. I would also like to raise some money so that I could have some of these cameras donated to the shelters with the most need (eventually).

So far, this is what I am seeing that seems to work well and be in a good price range.

Does anyone have any better suggestions? Or a reason the above camera is not a good choice? TIA!
Do you require a point and shoot? The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120 is a compact camera that performs well. It comes with image stabilization and a rechargeable battery. I found that it takes good pictures of people... haven't tried it on dogs :). But whatever you look for, I would make sure it has a rechargeable battery... you don't want to bring on extra expenses to the shelter.
for taking the time to answer my question. Both cameras seem as though they would meet the needs of the shelters. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W120 Digital Camera does have a much higher ISO (3200 vs 1600) which would most likely help in the very low light situations. Both have similar max shutter speeds, the Sony goes up to 1600 while the Canon goes up to 2000. They both open up to around 2.8 which will also help in the low light situations. The Canon also comes with Image Stabilization, which is a plus....

Two VERY good options so far. I am assuming these would both operate better, with out that huge lag when people are trying to photograph the animals. That is my major point of interest. I am not trying to find something that takes "super pretty" photos, honestly (although that would be a plus :sexywink:) because most of these photos are resized and put on low res sites anyway.

Now I'm off to see if I can get either one of these donated :mrgreen: Keep the options coming though!
...or the camera drags before it will take the picture.
That seems to be the killa with any P&S as you wait for it to AF. I think, if you found one, it would be priced about as much as a cheapie DSLR.

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