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Oct 21, 2007
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Edmonton, AB
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I want to buy a 430EX Speedlite for my 30D, and had them on their website as of early December, and my family bought me gift cards for BestBuy so I could get it, and now they no longer have them!!! Futureshop does, but they do not transfer/exchange gift cards.

I was wondering if anyone would like to trade me gift cards, or buy these off me. I have 3 cards all totaling $360.00 (local/in-person, Edmonton only please)

The only other thing I can do is price match them to death on a 580EX. Henry's has them for $460.00 I would almost be willing to get the 580EX for about $100 more than I was planning on spending, just to use these things up. I hate BestBuy/Futureshop...

This may sound stupid but did you call BB? I would suspect that they still have some for sale, even if they have been pulled from the site. Maybe even try all of your local BB's. I am sure one must have one left. Why not just buy a 580EX II...its far superior.
Is this your primary flash?
If it is, save up for a 580EX or 580EX-II. You'll love it, so much more functionality, faster recycle times, more power, and better.

Did I mention it's heaps better?
...its far superior.

yeah... so get the 580EX.
I did call all my local BB's, and they did not have the 430EX on sale.

I think I will get the 580EX, and get them to pricematch with Henry's down east. Then I will be spending an additional $100 to get the better flash.


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