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Jun 24, 2013
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I have an 80-200mm macro film lens that was given to me but doesnt fit my camera. Ive tried looking it up online but no luck.. the lens cap says kmart focal. Idk if I can get an adapter for it or what type body i could get to use it.thanks! - Jason


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You need to provide a sharp photo of the lens mount on the back to identify.
K Mart sold lenses under the Focal brand name which I think were made to fit various camera lens mounts. It might help to know what camera you already have that it doesn't fit, that might at least eliminate one possibility.

This guide might help, and parts #2 and 3 are linked at the bottom of Part 1 - KEH Camera Blog: The Lens Mount Guide: Part 1 .
Dat KMart lens!
I have a minolta srT 101 and the lens mount is about the same but a tad bit larger.
95% sure that is a pentax mount. It can be adapted to canon with a $5 piece of aluminum, and cannot be adapted to Nikon (just guessing two largest other brands since you didn't specify your camera)
my film is a minolta srt 101 and my digital is a sony a330

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