Please rate my website

For a 'rating' I would say 35-40%.

I don't like the cramped central-frame design of the interface.

The pictures are inconsistently sized, post-produced.

Several of them don't seem to be 'portraits'..more like press-photos.

..Having three shots of the handsome blonde-guy when one would do fine.

Pink is a sucky color to showcase the folio.

There are some very nice pictures here but I feel the presentation looks
a bit cheapnis. (I think 16 out of 25 sample pictures are decent examples
but a different approach would sell your services better).

I would drop the baby pictures and the pregnant woman and present the PR-type shots and the portrait/study pictures...simplify and make it more dynamic.

Success with the website!:thumbup:
Many thanks for your comments. I have been too close to my own work in such spendid isolation. It is really helpful. I will go away and think on..

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