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Please tell me if white background looks better now...


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Apr 21, 2011
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This first one I think the background was too bright white. I lowered the white background with an adjustment layer in curves and I'm not sure if I brought it down too much. It appears a bit gray now.

1. Original

[/URL] DSC_2750-21 by jwbryson1, on Flickr[/IMG]

2. Revised with curves adjustment...

[/URL] 21 White Edit by jwbryson1, on Flickr[/IMG]
It's very definitely grey, but I'm not sure that's an entirely bad thing. I think if you punch up the saturation a hair, it might work.
I like the white background way better. The gray doesn't do it for me
I like the first one more as well.
The grey doesn't feel right here.

...Nice photo by the way
The first one was fine. Dont second guess yourself so much.
The first one was fine. Dont second guess yourself so much.

Thanks. I lowered it because I got comments from members of this forum who said it was too bright....

I appreciate the post though!!!
I don't think that it was that the background appeared too bright in the photo (well, maybe a little bit too bright as it does appear to be blown), it's that it was too bright in relation to the subject, and you got too much blow-back on them, maybe a little lens flare too.
I don't think it was a big problem, and didn't really require the amount of compensation that you applied for the second version.
But in the future, when shooting this type of thing, try to get your subjects a little further from the background.
Try to get your subjects a little further from the background...

Understood. This was in a smaller room and I was shooting most of these with my 50 1.8 and D90, so I was pretty limited in how far back I could get and still get them in frame, and how close there were to the backdrop.

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