Poco F2 Pro or Xiaomi Mi Note 10


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Jan 16, 2010
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I am looking for an android smartphone with a good camera. It would be more a camera with a good phone than a phone with a camera. My budget is $400-$450 max, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 , Huawei P40 Pro, Google Pixel 4 XL or Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro or Ultra are not in my budget. Even the Xiaomi Mi 10 (not Pro version) is out of my budget.

I was considering the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 because of the excellent reviews of its cameras, but I also have read in many places that the Snapdragon 730G processor struggles to handle 108MP pictures, and has trouble with some other tasks as well.

Now I am considering the Poco F2 Pro. Which between these two phones would you recommend, and why? Maybe another and even better option for my budget?

Thank you very much
Hello and welcome, good luck with your choice......
I used to use Samsung's but got fed up of them. I now use lower priced Motorola handsets. Might be worth s look at some of their stuff in your price range. I find them excellent.
I use my Samsung phone to phone and text people, my cameras I use for photographs.....
Fones are handy for non serious snaps for me but I don't use it for more serious photography. That said some can produce some good quality stuff.

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