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May 5, 2009
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Have been reading reviews of some cameras and in some reviews and podcasts I have listened to they say some of the older point and shoots are better than the new ones, for example an older 5mp point and shoot can take nicer pictures than a 12mp camera.

I want to buy an older camera for work, work on the railway, want something that fits in pocket, don't want to spend a lot of cash on a new one that might get broken in my pocket at work.

Can someone suggest an older point and shoot, one that takes good pictures. I will be mainly using it outdoors in all types of lighting and different seasons.

There's really no point in getting "older" when you can get new or refurbished for so cheap these days. For example, Adorama is selling refurbished Canon A480 IS (image stabilization) or Nikon CoolPix L18 P&S cameras for $60, or refurbished Canon SD1200 IS cameras for $110. Even a quick visit to Bestbuy.com shows a host of P&S cameras in the ballpark of $100.
If my wife didn't sell it one Ebay, then I have a cheap little Kodak 3mp that was good to 11X14 blowups. Might not fit in your pocket, though. Try Olympus. They're known for making nice little P&S's. Just be conscious of what kind of batteries it takes and if they're available.
There are a lot of urban legends out there, that are just not true. Be sure you are doing good research of your own.
I think the point behind the comments that older P&S 5 mp are better than the newer 10 mp was meant as a comment on the way they were designed. A crappy 10 MP camera will be crappy or cheap whether it has 10 MP or 5 MP. A great 5 MP camera from years gone by will be better than one of today's cheapo cameras.

I would recommend a Canon Powershot 120 IS, it has 10 MP and 10x Optical zoom for when you need to get closer to an object. It also has 46x digital zoom, which is pretty good for digital zoom, not to say it's great!

Hope you find what you need!

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