Polaraizering Filters


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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
Why do they attract so much dust?!?!?! This is a constant nightmare as I seem to need to clean the filter after every 2 or 3 shots, is there anything I can do about this or is it just something you learn to live with?
Where are you shooting at? I clean mine when I put it on, and it's fine for a day of shooting, unless I'm in a particularly dirty area.
One good tip for keeping your filters clean whilst out and about.... don't put your lens cap in your pocket!.... this is something i did alot in between shooting area's....but the dust and fluff in your pocket ends up on your filter. Now i have a small polythene bag i keep in my pocket, so all the caps and attachments i use dont keep transfereing dust.
heh, oh well, looks like I'm just a bit anal about dust! Good idea with the bag in your pocket, pocket fluff is often an annoyance. :)
Oh crap, I've been leaving the lens cap in my pocket for hours on end! Now that I examine it, it's totally covered in lint.

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