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    Aug 24, 2008
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    Hi All, I have a portable digital photo studio I am selling if any one is interested. This set up is great for location and travel photography, I was doing location wedding photography, portfolios and events. The equipment includes:

    1. Olympus E-Volt 500 Digital SLR 8.0mp with two zoom lenses, 14-42mm and 40-150 mm, 4 GB Memory card, spare Lithium ion battery and charger
    2. 150ws Flash Point mono light full featured with scalable power settings, umbrella mount and stand
    3. Adorama 3 stage multipurpose umbrella black with silver backing that slips over a white translucent umbrella
    4. Wein slave sync
    5. 3 Quantaray 62 mm filters, warming, 6 point star, diffusion for soft focus effects
    6. Tamrac bag
    7. Custom mono light case fitted with electrical connections.

    I like to get 700.00 for all of it. I will consider separating the equipment. The only thing older than 6 months is the camera. Email me for photos of the equipment.

    If you can't drop by to pick up the equipment I'll ship but you pay shipping cost. If any one is interested email me at okcspitfire@cox.net.


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