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May 10, 2013
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We went to the sea with my wife this morning. At one point she grabbed my hat ..and I grabbed my camera and I took the below photo.
The light was not the best.. but not too harsh either.
Comments on the shot and processing are welcommed.


Portrait by jckars, on Flickr

I also took the next photo that I initially liked, but now looking at it I think the framing is very not good. If I took it again, I believe a little to the right and zoomed out a bit would be a better portrait.


Portrait by jckars, on Flickr

Edit: Can you see the photos? I only see a broken icon.. :p
Critique per req: Actually, given the circumstances, I'd say these both turned out quite nicely. #1 would have been stronger with a little more room on the RH side (you never want to cut off part of someone's face), but the light is good, and #2 is just a great, happy shot. One thing that might have helped both would have been to use your built in flash to add a little fill. This would have rendered a better sky (more detail, less blown white).

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

You're right about the flash..I didn't think about it at the momment at all..
Thank for the comments

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