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Mar 5, 2009
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I find the image a little to grey-ish. Yes of course it's black and white but there isn't any other kind of tons but grey a little of black and grey. I would work on that with photoshop and the blurry thing in the foreground (in front of your friend) is a little eye catchy (i find) but it's a great photo. :)
Yeah, I think this image would look better with a wider range of tones - you've got lots of gray going on. It could also be lightened. How did you convert it? I like his look though, cool subject.
This photo is underexposed. It is too dark. The vertical lines are not quite vertical, they are slightly inclined, and one of those lines comes out of his head.
The blurry foreground is distracting, and his expression looks like this is a candid shot much rather than a true portrait. You captured him mid-speaking, mid-moving.
I do like the light on his hair! I wonder where the backlight came from!
ty all, i'll work on the background and the colors-
@LaFoto: the light is from the sun almost behind him but not quite, which explains the underexposure of his face

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