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Mar 8, 2009
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hi guys. i'm new here. photog from the philippines.


photography: madz barrido
make up: leslie ranaga
model: cj alayon
location: the luminarium, katipunan ave.
qc, philippines

Madz Barrido Photography
Flickr: madzbarrido's Photostream
great photo and sharpening ;) i'd work on the light on her face, maybe a second strobe unless it was your intention to make her so mysteryous ;)
Hiya Madz, welcome to ThePhotoForum.
I suggest you add a "NSFW" (not safe for work) to your titles when you post photos of this kind, as many members here open up TPF at work and would not want their bosses see them view this kind of photos.

That said, I agree with anel on the light ... her face is quite a bit dark. Her painstakingly made up artificial eye lashes get almost lost against the dark background. The hair across her mouth is debateable, too.

And I wonder what on earth made you crop her hair the way you did? There is sooo little room above her. And below, you cropped through her ellbow...

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