Portrait of my daughter

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C&C per req: The image is nice enough, 'though it seems a bit over processed around the eyes to me, almost as if you used a skin-smoothing mask and went right over the eyes. There's a flake of skin or something on her lower lip that could be cloned out, and some fly-away hairs that lead directly down to her left eye which should be removed as well. A quick run-through her hair with a comb wouldn't have hurt and to be honest, I'd bin the vignette. I like the overall image, and the lighting is good, 'though the white on her top is a bit hot in the area of the left breast; a bit of fill would have helped alleviate that.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

Thank you this was my very first portrait. I am very new. :D You are right attention to detail is important. Sorry about posting twice I couldn't figure out how to delete the first.
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Welcome to the forum, Missy!! No worries on the double post!
Beautiful young lady you have there. Keep a close eye on her...hehe
Welcome! Great model you have there, be nice to her and she might let you prefect your technique as you you search for the perfect shot. ;)

By the way, you might want to give some consideration to changing your settings to allow others to edit your work. That way more experience photographers will be able to make suggestions and show you examples of how their suggestions will affect the finished work. It's entirely your choice but it's helped me. :D
Thank you so much I will do that. I love your quote. :)
I stole the quote from a dancer and adapted it. ;)

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