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Jun 22, 2012
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Sioux Falls, SD
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Anyone use PortraitPro software? I'm specifically looking at the Studio version currently reduced to $59.95.

Thoughts? Experiences?
Stand-alone or Plugin for Lightroom?

Not looking to go pro, but want to put out decent shots of my kids and it looks like another fun toy.
What are you looking to do that Lightroom cannot do for you already? I find I have very very very little desire to move past Lightroom and into Photoshop for further processing, especially with portraits of myself/family/the girlfriend/etc. Just curious.
It works well enough if you use it manually, that is, adjust all of the individual settings yourself. If you leave it in 'Auto', it tends to turn people into plastic dolls. It's a lot quicker than methods like frequency separation, and can save a lot of time. For personal work, definitely a handy tool.
I use it from time to time, and it is a time saver for portrait retouching. As stated before, if the presets are used, it can yield undesired results. Fortunately it allows you to create your own presets that are far less Matel®. I use it as the second phase in my workflow. First I do all color correction, cropping and blemish removal in lightroom then use Portraitpro to do the rest. With that said, there isnt much to use it for on children. Sometimes the eye widening works well and a bit of sharpness and iris lightening is added to the eye to make them stand out but sometimes this can be distracting. I find it much more useful on adults

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