Portraits of my 7 month old


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Jun 6, 2006
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Hey, I'm still learning with my new camera so I've been playing around with it a bit. Just wanted to share some portraits I took of my lil' man and see what you guys thought. I used all natural window light and a mirror to bounce it back to his face. I'm still kicking myself for not fluffing up the white sheet that I used, so yes, I know that it's wrinkly and it bugs me bad but nothing I can do about it now! lol

C&C welcome!






Babies are cute but hard to shoot. I'm not going to get too technical on these but I have a pet peeve of sorts (and it's really not a big thing - but paying attention to this will change your work); iron the sheet you used for the backdrop.

I know... nit picky! But I have seen hundreds of great home made photos using material and sheets and things like that that are breath-taking EXCEPT for the wrinkles.

Great job! Practice the lighting techniques by trying to soften some and continue the high key stuff but please iron.


I just read your comment. I feel stupid for the ironing thing... but iron anyway. Using a white or light gray card (foam board) or a gold color reflector will change the warmth of the photo too. A mirror can be harsh.

Great job again.
I can't tell if these are a smidge out of focus or if the ISO you used was so high that you lost a huge amount of sharpness.

Generally in this type of setting you want to use ISO 200 and and stop down, it will also help with with seperating your subject from the background.

If you move your subject at least a foot from the backdrop you can get rid of most of your wrinkles. They are very cute and your comp looks great but I think they are a tad bit out of focus.
Thanks for the comments everyone! I just found the ISO settings on my camera :D like I said, I'm still figuring this thing out.. it's a Nikon Coolpix P80, it's a big step from a simple, older model Kodak Easy Share so there's a TON of stuff that I don't know about on it yet! As soon as it gets warm out and all that I'm heading out the door to play around with it, there's just nothing to take a pic of right now around here so I only have my son :)heart:) to take photos of and play around with!

Trust me, I'm going to be purchasing an iron soon, those photos just irk me.. I tried to add a bit of blur to them on the computer and it just ended up fuzzing him out around the edges, so that didn't work.

Thanks again for the advice :blushing: I'll definitely keep it in mind!

(edit) bytheway.. I would, if I could, move him farther away from the background, but I'm seriously only working in maybe, if I'm lucky, a 5 ft. space.. definitely NOT an easy thing! Plus it's the only room in the house that has great lighting!
I absolutely love the captured pose and expression in #2... I just wish that it was a bit more sharply in focus and his feet were bare. There also seems to be hot spots on his face.
Wow - You have an awesome little subject (what I would give to add him to my portfolio!) and have really been able to capture some awesome expressions.

Keep on practicing and learning more from other photographers - I'm sure you're one to watch an dyou're lucky to have a subject to practice on whenever your heart desires.

All the best,

i just had to mention the pic in your avatar...haha you should have posted that one its GREAT

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