Post great Black Friday deals here?? Idea?


Been spending a lot of time on here!
May 9, 2012
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As far as my skill, I am still considered somewhat of a newb/intermediate here.
I am wondering if we started a thread on some of THE best and greatest deals that some of you more knowledgable photographers see for this season?

I am in need of some basic items such as cards, strap, extra battery, camera rain-cover, etc. I would love to think of a newer camera and a 70-200 lens !!

Just thought it might be a central place for everyone to see a deal for those of us that don't know of many sites?
Thanks for another great year of help guys and gals :)
Hi Nancy - I may not be a very experienced photographer but I am a great bargain hunter. I use most of the time. You can search by electronics/cameras in the forum section. I've found excellent deals posted there in the past for SD cards, software, accessories and cash back for flash sales at Adormama, Cameta etc... They already have a lot of the Black Friday ad leaks posted.

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